The UK's New Glass Attraction

The history that transformed St Helens

What made St. Helens great?  From its humble beginnings to its rise as a world leader in Glass making, you can find it all here at The World Of Glass.

Ever wondered what life was like in a Victorian town? Step into St Helens past and relive life in the town in the last century.

Find out about properties of glass, look through periscopes and microscopes, and play with lenses to change the colours in light.

Admire contemporary glass and the unique and beautiful designs from some of the Worlds greatest makers.

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There are plenty of galleries to explore during your visit. From the PAST through to the NOW gallery.

Kids group activity
Please support our charity help us though the year

The current climate can be tough for businesses. Energy costs and raw materials for the glass keep going up. Our charity really needs you visiting the museum or cafe. Please try to visit us  and support the important work we do for St Helens and surrounding areas. Glass is important. Heritage is important.

Glass blower working
Have a go at an ancient craft GLass blowing experiences

We offer experiences for Individuals and couples alongside group sessions for corporate clients or those of you who want a team experience.

supported by Art Friends Merseyside

Thanks to a kind and generous donation from Art Friends Merseyside we were able to bring you a mini glass festival in 2023 attracting some of the best contemporary glass makers to exhibit work here at The World of Glass. As part of the festival workshops and activities,  some of the artists gave a talk about their work. You can find a link to two below.

Brought to you thanks to support from Art Friends Merseyside

James Maskrey-Glass Festival 2023

Annette Sharkey