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Exhibitions run from the 20th January to the 9th March in Gallery One, The Godfrey Pilkington Gallery and on the Mezzanine and are Admission Free.


A place, a space, a building or an avenue of trees, any of these could be the place that you remember. A time from long ago, a holiday, a picnic or a wedding in unusual surroundings anchor us to the time and place of the moment. In the 150th Anniversary year of the town of St Helens we are exhibiting paintings and pictures which place specific views, people and places in time.


Jane is interested in the deep attachment that people have with their intimate surroundings and how this shapes their lives, forms their memories and affects their feelings of well-being. On a deeper level, she links this to humanity’s eternal physical and spiritual affinity and place within nature by evoking an atmosphere of stillness, quietude and timelessness in her paintings.

Her paintings often feature a building as a motif to describe the place of humanity within the landscape. Buildings are visible in the landscape yet they can also be private spaces containing memories or public/meeting spaces where relationships are created and events occur. Frequently using figures in the form of silhouettes inspired by old snapshots, Jane explains that the silhouettes represent unique moments in time – fixed, frozen and never to be repeated, like shadows emerging from the darkness of the past. In the painting this creates an essence of a person rather than a specific individual. The anonymity allows the viewer a space to create their own meaning or narrative. Jane says her paintings don’t create an illusion of reality. She is interested in the physical process of painting, experiencing “paint as paint”, and her methods draw attention to this. Using colour, composition and mark-making in unexpected ways to evoke meaning and atmosphere.


When we remember we evoke a memory of usually something good, sometimes sad times when we grieve, happy times like weddings or winning at sports or serious times when we have achieved things. memories are evoked by the things we hold, the sounds we hear and the scent of something that draws us back to that one point in time or to a place or person. Everything we do is influenced by the past, what clothes we wear, where we live, even the food we like - they are all influenced by our memories. Our exhibition is a look into the moments of other peoples lives from their favourite dog, school uniform, toys, a wedding invitation and commemorative memorabilia. You can even leave us a memory of something that is special to you.


On loan from the Sankey Canal Restoration Society, large information panels and TV footage tells the story of how the canal came into being, its past, present and its future.

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